D1.1 Project Handbook

D1.1 Project Handbook

The Project Handbook (PH) describes the project organisation and internal procedures of the VECMA project with regard to day-to-day communication and progress towards the timely delivery of the deliverables and within budget. It shall be used by all partners for all deliverables to the European Commission and for deliverables between partners.

The Handbook describes the following procedures in the project: documentation management, repository management, project communication mechanisms, project management, tracking system for actions. The documentation management procedure defines the standard rules and procedures with regard to the production of documentation that all partners need to apply throughout the project. It also outlines the procedure for the publication of peer reviewed publications. The generic document template is described.

Dedicated mailing lists are in place to facilitate the communication within the consortium. We organise regular face-to-face consortium meetings annually and teleconferences. The bodies of the Project Management structure are the Work Package Leaders (WPL), the Executive Board (EB), Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Technical Manager, Applications Manager, and the Innovation and Scientific Advisory Board. Access Rights are regulated by Article 11 of the VECMA Consortium Agreement and Art. 25 of the H2020 Grant Agreement. The Project Manager will track the budget and deliverables. It is vital that potential problems are identified early and dealt with. To this end, conflict resolution procedures are in place, as well as procedures for dealing with changes in the consortium. The PH is a work in progress; based on experiences and needs in the consortium, we will continue to adapt and update the document. Best practices will be incorporated and used to constantly improve the management of the project.

The PH shall be used:

  1. By all partners;
  2. For all deliverables to the European Commission;
  3. For deliverables between partners. The Consortium Partners will supervise and check the work performed by the consortium in accordance with the VECMA Quality Assurance Plan (QAP), which has been formally established in deliverable D1.2.

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