External Events

Internal Events

  • VECMA Work Package Leaders (WPL) meeting, 24th January 2019.
  • VECMA All-Hands Meeting, Amsterdam, Netherlands (TBC), 9th-10th May 2019 (TBC).
  • VECMA/EasyVVUQ hackathon, UCL, London, UK, date TBD.

Past Events

  • VECMA WP4/WP2 meeting on UQ techniques and applications, IPP, Garching, 28th – 29th November 2018.
  • VECMA Project-wide meeting, Munich, Germany, 4th December 2018.
  • VECMA Verification and Validation Primitives (VVP) meeting, Brunel University, London, UK, 10th-11th December 2018.