Innovation Advisory Board

Innovation Advisory Board

The Innovation Advisory Board (IAB) oversees exploitation, economic, and societal impact, and consists of individuals external to VECMA, representing Government, NGOs, Industry, and Academia. Current membership comprises:

Professor Beniamino Di Martino

Beniamino Di Martino is Full Professor at the University of Campania (Italy). Previously he was Researcher at University of Vienna (Austria). He is author of 14 international books and more than 300 publications in international journals and conferences. He has been Coordinator of EU funded FP7-ICT Project mOSAIC, and participates to various international research projects with various leadership roles (among them five EC FP7 and H2020 projects). He is Editor / Associate Editor of seven international journals and EB Member of several international journals. He is vice Chair of the IEEE CS Technical Committee on Scalable Computing. He is member of many Technical Committees, including: IEEE WG for the IEEE P3203 Standard on Cloud Interoperability, IEEE Intercloud Testbed Initiative, IEEE Technical Committees on Scalable Computing (TCSC), on Big Data (TCBD), on Data Engineering (TCDE), on Semantic Computing (TCSEM), on Services Computing (TCSVC), on Intelligent Informatics (TCII), on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TCPAMI), on Software Engineering (TCSE), on Distributed Processing (TCDP), on Parallel Processing (TCPP), on Cloud Computing (TCCC), of Cloud Standards Customer Council, of OMG Cloud Working Group, of Cloud Computing Experts’ Group of the European Commission. He is Chair of Nomination Committee for the IEEE TCSC Award of Excellence in Scalable Computing” and member of Nomination Committee for the IEEE TCSC Award for Medium Career Researchers”.

Professor Pär Strand

Pär Strand is an Professor in Electromagnetic Field theory. His research field is transport in Fusion Plasmas. He is involved both in analysis of experiments, mainly at JET, and develops analysis software for ITER, JET and other tokamak experiments. The long term aim of the research is to help establish fusion as a viable energy source for the future. In addition to fusion research Pär is alos engaged in development of technologies for large scale simulation tools and data driven research and have been heavily involved in EU projects developing ICT tools for simulations. He is also the Director of Chalmers e-Science Centre.

Dr Javier Garcia-Blas

Javier Garcia Blas has been a teaching assistant of the University Carlos III of Madrid since 2005. He received the MS degree in Computer Science in 2007 at the University Carlos III of Madrid. He also received a PhD with honours in Computer Science from University Carlos III in 2010. He has cooperated in several projects with researchers from various high performance research institutions including HLRS (funded by HPC-Europe program), DKRZ, and Argonne National Laboratory. He is currently involved in various projects on topics including parallel I/O, cloud computing, and accelerators for high-performance platforms. He is currently involved in bioinformatics projects. He has participated in many conference organization committees, and in the last two years he has been Program Chair of EuroMPI 2013, C4Bio 2014, and ESAA 2014. He has 33 research publications in international journals and conferences.