The VECMA toolkit (VECMAtk), establishes a platform for verification, validation and uncertainty quantification (VVUQ). The goal is to provide tools that can be combined to capture complex scenarios, applied to applications in disparate domains, and used to run multiscale simulations on any desktop, cluster or supercomputing platform.

The VECMAtk is periodically updated, with minor releases every 3 months, and major releases every 12 months.

Latest Release

This is the month 9 release of the VECMA toolkit. The release consists of three components:

Details of both component releases, including features added for this version of the toolkit, can be found below:

FabSim3 v0.9

New Features

  • Support for containerization (with FabSim3 deployable as a Docker Image) (#71)
  • FabSim3 singularity container : How to use (#90)
  • Added automated installation script for QCG-Client (/backends/qcg)
  • Added support for job submission and monitoring using QCG Broker.
  • Added FabUQCampaign plugin, which runs the UQ (uncertainty quantification) samples from an EasyVVUQ campaign via the campaign2ensemble subroutine of FabSim3 , submiting the UQ samples as ensemble jobs to remote machines.


  • Updated machines variable documentation (#79)
  • Enabled integration with QCG Broker, e.g. by typing fab qcg dummy:dummy_test (#75)
  • Added documentation how to create a FabSim3 plugin (#85)
  • Revised run_ensemble output layout, so that it is grouped into a parent directory, and can be trivially converted for further processing using EasyVVUQ. (#87)
  • Updated FabDummy, FabMD and FabFlee examples.
  • Various minor tweaks to documentation and examples. (e.g., improved documentation of default variables (#80)

EasyVVUQ v0.2

Incremental development release, aligned with the M9 release of the VECMA Toolkit.

Added to the basic architecture in place for creating UQ workflows since last release:

  • Chaospy integration
  • Polynomial chaos expansion example
  • Initial implementation of stochastic collocation

Previous Releases

Month 6

Month 3