D6.1 Detailed Dissemination Action Plan

D6.1 Detailed Dissemination Action Plan

The VECMA consortium strongly believes that innovation can be strengthened with a comprehensive dissemination plan and well-planned knowledge exploitation activities. Thus, dissemination is central to the VECMA project, and is a collaborative effort between the project partners, led by CBK.

Dissemination activities will be run by Work Package 6 (WP6). The main objectives will be to report and describe the project results to stakeholders, be they members of the scientific and high performance computing communities, user communities, middleware developers, industry, other related international projects, and the general public. We will also ensure that the project creates and implements a strong sense of innovation.

One of the most important activities we shall organise is dissemination, outreach and training associated with releases of the VECMA toolkit. Events will be organised with a focus on either dissemination or training. For those with a dissemination focus, two workshops will be organised, one alongside a major conference, the other targeting innovation through participation of industry, government and NGOs. For those with a training focus, two training events will be organised to encourage uptake of our methods, software, tools and services. The project’s impact objectives will be implemented via dedicated media (including social) work, participation in conferences, preparation and distribution of information material, as well as event organisation.

This deliverable, D6.1: Detailed Dissemination Action Plan, acts as a detailed and comprehensive report on the dissemination actions that are being carried out by the project. This deliverable is linked to VECMA’s Task 6.1: Production of a Dissemination Action Plan, and the publication of the plan is also Milestone 2 in the project.
This action plan is a ‘living document’ that will be updated throughout the project, as required.

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