FabSim3 on open development

As of January 16th 2019, the FabSim3 GitHub repository is entirely public, allowing users to download any version of the code and to read and contribute to the various issues raised in the repository. Switching to open development has several major advantages, as the FabSim3 Development Team announced:

“We like external users to use FabSim3, and suggest modifications that suit their needs. We want FabSim3 to be as easy to adopt as possible, and more openness will contribute to that in our opinion. We want to clearly showcase the progress that we already have made within the VECMA project. We will save money on provisioning specific solutions for private repositories (such as CI), money which we can use instead for events that benefit the users at large.”

Some future releases will be advertised more widely than others. Most notably the first major release is scheduled for June 2019. However, minor releases are made every three months and can now be downloaded freely.

FabSim3 is available at github.com/djgroen/FabSim3.