D1.2: Quality Assurance Plan

The QAP will be set up and maintained to monitor all deliverables before finalising them. The deliverable also contains a risk analysis and contingency planning related to Quality Assurance and deliverables. The Quality Assurance Plan is linked to the following objectives of WP1:

  • Establishment of the management infrastructure for efficient and constant monitoring and operation of the day-to-day project activities under contractual terms.
  • Handling of risks and contingencies.
  • To ensure the timely and high-quality achievement of the project results and deliverables through administrative coordination.
  • To ensure the quality control of the project results and deliverables and the risk management of the project as a whole.

D1.2 is part of WP1 Management, which oversees the overall technical, financial and administrative management of the consortium and the project’s activities. The activities in this work package include all activities necessary to successfully manage and run the consortium.

Download D1.2 Quality Assurance Plan