Month 30 Release of VECMAtk: EasyVVUQ, FabSim3, QCG, EQI, EasySurrogate and MUSCLE3 – January 2021

Month 30 Release of VECMAtk: EasyVVUQ, FabSim3, QCG, EQI, EasySurrogate and MUSCLE3 – January 2021

We are pleased to pre-announce the Month 30 version of the Validation, Verification, Uncertainty Quantification (VVUQ) Software Toolkit (VECMAtk) release. The Toolkit release contains various functionalities, including unit and functional tests, as well as detailed documentation and tutorials.

As a refresh, the VECMAtk has been developed to enable automated VVUQ for multiscale applications that can be deployed on emerging exascale platforms. The toolkit provides support for software applications regardless of the domain of interest. We have established a collection of readily working non-intrusive and semi-intrusive UQ algorithms within existing multiscale computing tools (such as MUSCLE3 and FabSim3). The Toolkit release is also linked to application areas which are provided in the application tutorials.

The Month 30 release has new features, updates and tutorials and continue offers the functionality that allows users to install all packages for the toolkit as a python virtualEnv.

The components of the toolkit are as follows:

  • EasyVVUQ is a Python library designed to facilitate verification, validation and uncertainty quantification (VVUQ) for a wide variety of simulations.
  • FabSim3 is an automation toolkit for complex simulation tasks. FabSim3 helps users to perform complex remote tasks from a local command-line, and to automatically organise their data and environment variables when they perform these tasks.
  • QCG Pilot Job is a lightweight implementation of the Pilot Job mechanism. It can be easily incorporated into scientific workflows to provide efficient and reliable execution of large number of computational jobs.
  • EQI is a lightweight integration code that simplifies usage of EasyVVUQ with a QCG Pilot Job execution engine, it can be used for efficient, parallel execution of demanding EasyVVUQ scenarios on HPC resources.
  • EasySurrogate is a toolkit designed to facilitate the creation of surrogate models for multiscale simulations.
  • MUSCLE3 is the third incarnation of the Multiscale Coupling Library and Environment. Its purpose is to make creating coupled multiscale simulations easy, and to then enable efficient UQ of such models using advanced semi-intrusive algorithms. MUSCLE3 is contributed by the e-MUSC project of the Netherlands eScience Center and the University of Amsterdam.

Please follow the link here where you will be able to find and access for the information and download of the codes for the M30 version of VECMAtk when it is released.

The VECMA Team.