Online talk on the role of simulation-based science

Online talk on the role of simulation-based science

In this edition of the Simulation-based Science series hosted by the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) of the University of Amsterdam, Peter Coveney will give a talk on the role of simulation-based science in decision-making for healthcare, government and industry.

When: 26 February 2021 | 1600-1700CET / 1500-1600GMT


Title: The Role of Simulation-Based Science in Decision-Making for Healthcare, Government and Industry

As our models and simulations become increasingly capable of describing the complexity of the real world, the opportunity to apply them to pressing problems that concern humanity on the largest scales also grows. This talk will survey a few contemporary examples including epidemiological modelling of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate, weather and protein structure prediction, drug discovery, and fusion energy. How such models inform and are informed by machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches will also be discussed.

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About: The Simulation Based Science Community is an initiative to bring researchers across the various departments of the university together to foster expertise on simulation based methods. The Community organizes workshops, panels and lectures on a weekly basis and is thereby home to a lively community of engaged researchers. It works in close collaboration with IAS, which also hosts its meetings.